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Team Building

"Darcy did a great job of engaging every player on our team. He programmed our annual team day with a great balance of activites, workshops and volunteer experience for our kids. "

Bruce T - PeeWee Rep Hockey Coach


The goal for most athletes and their teams is  clear... win competitions.

Teams that compete in team events, or teams of individuals who compete in a shared discipline often face unique challenges. These figurative hurdles can be mitigated through shared experiences that intentionally push each individual to be introspective, humble and mindful.

My team building experiences for athletes, coaches and trainers et al, emphasizes the importance of character as a keystone to team success.

  1. Pushing each individual beyond their comfort zone.

  2. Pulling the entire team together with healthy competition.

  3. Breaking down barriers to commitment and execution.

  4. Building empathy and emotional intelligence for leadership.

  5. Applying the experience to unique athletic disciplines.

Whether it is off-season, pre-season or mid-season, ensuring the athletes on your team are aligned and supporting each others' goals can be a tough challenge to navigate. I'd love to help you and your team achieve greatness.


Please contact me to discuss the best options for your team.

Custom Experiences for Your Team

My favorite part of every job I have ever had; has been creating unique experiences for my clients that are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of their team. With over 20 years of curriculum and program development experience, I am confident that we can collaborate to design the team building event that will maximize your investment, provide the meaningful experience that your team will remember for a long time, and generate group-learning opportunities for your leadership to pull from in the future.

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