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Team Building

"Everybody has the possibility to bring a great idea to the table. The series of activities that we did helped to reduce fear of bringing up these ideas among staff and helped us to function more creatively as a team.

I highly recommend Darcy for any team, I definitely see his contribution as significant for new, stressed, stale, or transitioning teams!"

Rachel H - Nonprofit Executive Director


My Corporate Team Building experience is structured on five clear and deliberate components that have been established from Professional Leadership, Group Facilitation, Adventure Programming and Educational training that I have acquired over 20 years of facilitating dynamic corporate success events.

  1. Pushing each individual beyond their comfort zone.

  2. Pulling the entire team together.

  3. Breaking down barriers to collaboration and communication.

  4. Building empathy and emotional intelligence for leadership.

  5. Applying the experience to unique organizational challenges.

You’ve done the Strategic Plan, you’ve set the KPI and you’ve invested in the training and tools for your team to succeed. A facilitated group process experience can ensure that your investments see a quick return and that your organizational goals are realized.


Take a look at some of the Experiential Team Building Workshops that I offer!

  • Of Course We Can

  • The Art of Us

  • Getting Lost

  • Custom Experiences for your team

Of Course We Can

You have a team full of high performing individuals and yet it seems that the organization is stuck in neutral. When you ask a member of the team if the group can get into high gear to complete a project they say “Of Course We Can!”, but the team is still stuck.


Using a collection of group processing initiatives, facilitated low challenge course activities, targeted debriefing discussions and inclusive games, this half day or full day workshop is sure to align your high performance individuals with organizational objectives.


The experience will force the group to face tough questions about communication, inclusivity, goal setting, execution and identifying the various roles we fill for our team.

The Art of Us

Few experiences can push an individual out of their comfort zone further than a 50 foot climbing wall: painting and piece of art and sharing it with their colleagues is one of them.

Using high quality water colour materials, each individual will be guided through a basic painting lesson, self-guided art project and facilitated art exhibit and discussion. This half day or full day workshop will highlight the various perspectives, natural preferences and skills of each individual on the team; deepening the cohort’s understanding of each persons’ needs and strengths in the work place.

This experience will naturally expose members of the teams vulnerabilities, aptitudes and attitudes towards project work and shared group objectives.

Getting Lost

Getting lost as an adult is not nearly as frightening as it was when we were children; in fact, our resilience and self-efficacy can make the experience a rewarding and valuable lesson in problem solving, humility and communication. The results will often end with a fresh perspective of the challenges that got us lost in the first place, renewed appreciation for the skills and tools we applied to solve the problem, and a deeper bond with anyone who shared a part of the experience with us.


Getting lost can happen in the city; on a day long scavenger hunt. Getting lost can happen in a park or natural space where participants can run, bike, canoe and swim. Getting lost can be a literal or figurative experience that is uniquely designed for the needs and limits of your team.


This experience will cultivate a “we can do anything” mentality within your team; in a safe and set for success structure that will be challenging both mentally and physically. A significant reflective debrief conversation is the key to building the emotional intelligence and applying the experience to realistic challenges in the work place.

Custom Experiences for Your Team

My favorite part of every job I have ever had; has been creating unique experiences for my clients that are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of their team. With over 18 years of curriculum and program development experience, I am confident that we can collaborate to design the team building event that will maximize your investment, provide the meaningful experience that your team will remember for a long time, and generate group-learning opportunities for your leadership to pull from in the future.

Some of the Corporate Groups I have facilitated team building and social impact events for. 

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