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fa·cil·i·tate verb   make (an action or process) easy or easier

"The team building exercises we did were a great way to bring our students together. They overcame their fear of failure and enabled their growth mindset. 


The memories and lessons students took home with them are lasting - many of our returning students share their favourite memory as our time at Mansfield."

- Leanne I and Lisa T: Chris Hadfield P.S. Milton Ontario

Facilitated group process workshops are an effective and efficient way to overcome the challenges that arise from the dynamics of multiple personalities within a group. Program facilitation is an excellent way to develop a student culture of respect, integrity, inclusivity and problem solving. Educators and professionals who participate or spectate these workshops will be provided with their own unique tool kit to support the ongoing cultural development in your school 

Facilitated workshops are customized for the specific needs of your education institution, I have worked with public and private school from over 30 districts across Canada and the USA. The programs that I have delivered have led to decreased incidents of bullying, increased awareness of intentional inclusivity, reductions in absenteeism, reductions in high school drop out rates and increased overall academic performance.

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